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Research & Development(R&D)

The aim of R&D center is the research and development that based on company’s design products and strategic level of industrial chain development, to provide inner motivation and technology support for the company through the construction of the core of R&D achievements and the precipitation of theoretical knowledge of design and research; to accumulate independently to form the company's design and R&D technical force through solid theoretical basis and practical project research experience; and to focus on R&D trend of future products, opening up a leading-edge landscape planning design field through the integration of R&D and design resources both internally and externally and the learning as well as precipitation of professional technical knowledge. We hope to design and plan schemes with international standards, that are competent to participate international award campaign and declaration and compete with well-known international companies to improve our R&D and design competitiveness by reconstructing the concepts of major thematic projects. Now we have committed to the R&D of product line standardization system and product IP for several listed real estate companies, preliminary established the competitive edge of R&D management


景观标准化产品线研究, 景观IP研发设计,主题商业景观规划和研究,生态与自然保护景观规划和策略研究,前沿景观课题研发设计。